Summer Love 

The Summer sun will warm your soul.
Just let it arouse your passion.

It not the sun out of control,
but desire you must ration.

Won't give away my love unless
I know your kiss is genuine.

I was searching for true love,
And finally found it when I met you.

You charmed me with sweet sentiment,
so sincere, but silly still.

Your kiss so soft
but deeply sent.

I fell in love against my will.

-Michelle Rene

Love’s a power we possess,
Not just your voice or your caress.

The soul of loving lives in life,
But can’t be stole by gun nor knife.
For life it lives in love itself.
Love is life’s greatest wealth.

In you I feel this precious power,
Come with me don’t be a coward.

Down this path led by emotion.
Lose ourselves in our devotion.

Although it feels like perfect bliss.
Don’t stop to think or question this.

I give you now, what you will take.
I cry to know…
what will you make, of me?
A precious gift I hope you’ll see.

  -Michelle Rene

Love Quest

Sometimes when I think of you
I shed a tear, sometimes two.

And sometimes when you grace my thoughts
I tend to smile and giggle a lot.

You truly are an inspiration!
My loving life’s new sensation.

Forgive me if I love you more
than your heart dares to explore,
but sometimes I just need someone.
For love, romance, or simply fun.

So, say it won’t just sometimes be
The times that you say you love me.

Some time will pass before we die.
Sometimes we’ll laugh sometimes we’ll cry.

And in that time, I hope to be,
loving you so tenderly.

-Michelle Rene


Euphoria came calling again.
I’d invited it back

And waited patiently,
Sometimes impatiently.

“What have you come to teach me?” I asked.
And since I didn’t grasp it told me straight off:

You are loved.

I felt its truth, as I felt it go.
“No, don’t go. Sorry, thank you for coming.”

And then peace took its place and that’s what I was really after.

-Michelle Rene