About the Song

In the story, when Santiago is stricken with grief and pain, he calls out to his mother who has just died.

"Help me, Mom!...

…The melody of a song bursts to life…

…All I know is this, the notes didn’t come from me.

Mom sent them. She sent them to keep me alive."

Years ago, my husband Dominic experienced a similar revelation when his own mother died suddenly and sent him the inspiration for a song that would lead him out of his grief.

She knew, as Santiago’s mother does, that music  can heal  pain.

Music gives a soul to the universe,

Wings to the mind.

Flight to the imagination,

And life to everything.


The Music We Make
is a Testament to
Music's Power

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"Just because we didn't expect to lose it, doesn't mean we took it for granted"

A quote from The Music We Make